Culture Night rowing this Friday 21st September

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Culture Night rowing this Friday 21st September

Dear NC Massive (very cultured members),

we are looking for volunteers to take people rowing this Friday evening for Culture Night.

The plan is to take adults and children out that will have pre-booked with MM for 25 minute spins. We have bookings from 5:30 - 7:30 pm from the Lapps Quay Pontoon (Clayton Hotel).

We need 10 + NC members to row 3 - 4 currachs up to the pontoon for 5:30 pm and to help out on the pontoon for the evening etc..

Please let me know by email/text/message if you are available for some or all of the evening. I know the start time is early so let me know if you can make it to the pontoon instead etc.. Thanks a million.

Best wishes,

Paul G & the NC Committee