Darkness into Light Saturday May 6th

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Darkness into Light Saturday May 6th

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Fancy supporting the Darkness into light event by lolling on the river Lee?

 We can launch at the Currach club at 04 :15 and go up to St Lawrences Bridge / Sunday'  Well Road which is 40 min Google Maps  walking from the start of the Cork/UCC procession also starting at 04:15. We then come downstream, displaying lamps, to Griffith Bridge and return upriver to continue to accompany the shore procession up as far as Sunday's well Bridge.  We then return downriver keeping illuminations into the city.  

Bring head torches.   I will recall the navigation lights from their summer holidays.

Yellow event T shirts can be bought in selected outlets - make your €25 donation when you buy the tee shirt or on line.

Currachs kayaks and canoes especially suitable.

Should be nice.