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Navigation Lights

The club nav lights have been modified to assist handling in the dark - the lamp can now be removed by sliding it up through the top of the blinker.  In some cases it may be necessary to use a coin to release the catch at the back that holds the lamp in place.  The lamps clip on to a section of strap rendered rigid by meas of epoxy resin

The straps on the blinkers consist of a bridle which goes around the stem, and a halter which goes over the gunwales.  The halter is the one attached to the back of the blinker - in time I will make the halters a different colour from the bridles.

There are spare lamps with new batteries in the plastic tub.

It is a safety and regulatory requirement to have a white stern light - a headlamp worn by the stroke is our solution to this requirement because this will be bright and movement will identify the currach as a vessel being rowed. Crews should not be on the river in darkness without a stern light.

There is one headlamp in the lights box for use as a stern light.  If headlamps appear in Lidl I will add some more

The lights are checked at the end of each winter month - let me know if there are defects via the maintenance log