O2C training row #3 Sunday 4th March

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O2C training row #3 Sunday 4th March


we are planning another training row for O2C this Sunday.. Good warm up after the Beast!   we are not afraid of you Beast!!

Forecast isn't so bad for Sunday but there is a lot of wind on Saturday.. this might run over into Sunday and we will alter plan accordingly as required..  

Meet Shandon 9.15 and on water for 10.00,  LW is 13.26

We want crews back at the slip for 12.15 so that we can lift out before LW...  

Options for row (depending on numbers and crews)

1. Shandon - Lough Mahon - Shandon

2. Shandon - top of Lough Mahon – POC – Shandon  

Indicate interest…

Best vibes,