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River Lee Rowing

Dear NC Members,

with the ongoing bridge construction works and high river water flows the River Lee is now closed to all Nomhóga Chorcaí traffic until further notice on the North and South Channels as per below.

North Channel Instructions: All crews must turn just above Brian Boru Bridge and well below and clear of the new bridge construction and St Patrick's Bridge.

South Channel Instructions: All crews must turn just above Parnell Bridge and well below the College of Commerce Footbridge.

Bridge maintenance works at St Patrick's Bridge and St Vincent's Bridge (Mercy Hospital Footbridge) are ongoing and have created dangers with safety lines combined with higher river flows. Also the new works commencing on the North Channel for the new footbridge between Brian Boru Bridge and St Patrick's Bridge mean that the North Channel is out of bounds from just above Brian Boru's Bridge.

The decision has been taken to ensure fun, safe rowing for all. It is envisaged that the restrictions will remain in place for the next few months and until further notice. Many thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Best wishes,

Paul G
NC  Club Captain